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After spending a week in Singapore waiting for my Vietnam and Cambodian visa's, I decided to take a short three day trip up to KL (Kuala Lampur) in Malaysia. The following is a little bit of what I saw.

Great place to get some food. The street is blocked off and there are nothing but restaurants spilling out into the street. Malaysia has a lot of different ethnic groups and as a result has a great collection of food availabe: Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, you name it.


A visit to KL is not complete without visiting this engineering marvel. The Patrona's towers are arguably the tallest buildings in the world and a testimony to a lot of bad investments made in south-east asia during the 90's.

Patrona's towers

Hard Rock Cafe KL

Yes, there was drinking, but it was clearly constructive ;)

Patrona's tower of beer

Monkey sign

World's largest bird aviary

It had started to rain after walking back from a visit to the Islamic Arts Center, definitely worth visiting if you are in Malaysia, and there was this rainbow over the mosque across from Mederna Square.

Apparently God loves muslim's too.

I'm wondering when worried family members are going to start sending me AA brochures.

The culmination of many beer cans


I thought this picture really showed the contrast between the modern and traditional parts of the city.

Mosque in the city near Sentral Station

Park outside the Patrona's towers

Here's that rainbow again, the panoramic stitching got a little messed up here.
Rainbow over downtown KL

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