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After spending a week in Bali sick as a dog I was ready for some civilization, and fortunately Singapore was my next stop. Singapore proved to be about as interesting as it was made out to be. When asked, people always told me that Singapore was "clean." Not the kind of attribute that makes for an exciting city to visit. However, Singapore has some spectacular food from every region in the area and it's cheap. Other than that I thought the city was, well, clean. Actually, they have a good mass transit system, two rock gyms, a pathetic island adventure park, excellent night zoo (Night Safari) and two malls entirely devoted to electronics (probably my favorite thing about the city). The lack of photogenic opportunities is apparent below. Most of my pictures are from the botanical gardens, which were nice, but not spectacular.

Botanical garden lake

Botanical garden trail

Botanical garden lake with turtle and fish

The orchid house below was spectacular. They actually create a new breed of Orchid whenever there is a visiting dignitary. Those dignitaries with Orchids named after them include Princess Diana and the emperor of Japan.
Orchid house in the botanical gardens

Near chinatown Singapore

I used the subway constantly while I was in Singapore so I figured it deserved a picture.


Steam pot is basically "cook it yourself" food. It can be terribly messy, the floor slippery, the smoke thick, the place crowded, as you can see, but the taste is awesome.

Mike about to eat some steam pot

This fountain seemed especially appropriate for Singapore. You walk around it three times with your hand in the water wishing for money, we really need one of these in America.

Fountain of wealth

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