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My latest excursion was to Finland where I met up with my girlfriend Cristine and stopped to visit a friend of mine, Minttu. Finland is beautiful and reminds me of the northwest, although I hear they have even more intolerable winters than Seattle.

Porvoo -- where we stayed -- is a picture perfect Finnish town. It has a big church on the hill -- where Minttu's father, Timmo, is the pastor -- a lazy river along its banks and a quaint 'old town' where you can buy Finnish candy and visit an old style toy shop. Other than that there are plenty of bars -- including one floating on the previously mentioned river -- that can keep you busy if you ever get bored, needless to say, we had a great time!

Minttu's dog

Minttu and her cat (see the cover story)

Cristine, Myself, and Timmo in Porvoo

Minttu, Cristine and Timmo

Outboard Museum?

Sweet dock

Finnish Tuk-Tuk

Is that Finnish?

Old Town Porvoo

Porvoo's church peaking above the town.

Silja Line, our boat to Sweden

On the boat

Practice landing

The deck

Inside the ship.

Island housing

Islands and ships

More islands

More water.

More ships.

Our route to Sweden.

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