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After Finland Cristine and I went to Stockholm, Sweden where we stayed on a boat hotel. Unfortunately, I still felt like I was rocking back and forth several days later. Cristine and I then went to Gothenburg for Ann-Sophi's wedding.

Looking out of the port hole.

Our hotel room

The view from our boat

Stockholm alley

The priest.

The church covered in ivy.`

The church during rehearsal

In the rain

Getting made up

Putting on the makeup

Closing the bag

The little one

Sign to where?

The piper

The bride and her maids

The groom's men



The ceremony

Wedding party

Ann-Sophi, Peter and Wedding party


Ann-Sophi and Peter

Getting a look

One good looking Swedish guy dressed like a Scot

Picture on the boat

At the reception

Grey hairs?


The cake feeding



Jack, Moka, Katie and I

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