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Croatia & Italy

It has been just under a year since my trip around the world. Since then I've been working in San Diego, met a wonderful woman (Cristine), been rock climbing regularly, and generally just enjoying life. However, at the back of my mind something was nagging at me, I needed to go traveling again.
Cristine and I discussed all kinds of places to visit and finally came up with Croatia, although it turned into a side trip to Italy as well.
Croatia was not quite what I had expected. The country feels very European, but you can still see some of the influences left over from communism (terrible communist housing for one) and the war (pock marks on the walls of buildings from bullets). For the most part Croatia is an up and coming nation with an only slightly troubled past. I hope you enjoy the pictures plus the inevitable commentary.

Clay tennis courts in Dubrovnik

The wall surrounding the old-city of Dubrovnik.

The ocean view of Dubrovnik.

Notice the different colored tile roofs. The gray ones are those buildings that were not hit during the Serbian siege of 1991.

Cat caught between the tiles.

Cristine packin'

Roman diocletians palace (converted into a church) in Split.

Reviewing the blue bible over a hot cup of choclate (as in, a choclate bar melted down and put in a cup).

Sibenik rooster on a stick.

The beautiful town of Skradin on the banks of the Krka river.

Base of the Krka waterfalls. These falls are formed by algae becoming encrusted with limestone and forming these beautiful terraces.

Roof of the old mill in Krka.

More waterfalls.

Krka waterfalls.

Entrance to Paklencia (fantastic climbing area).

Looking down where my sun glasses fell off my head and went hurtling way down there.

Happy to be at the top.

Whew, that's a long way down (can you see the cars?).


View on our ascent up the mountain.

The view from our window towards Paklencia.

The not-so-wild life.

Climbers paradise.

Rocky beach bar in Rovinj in Istria (there were dolphins jumping out there, really.).

Scary stairs in the bell tower. "How scary," you ask ...

Yes, that scary!

Rovinj rooftops.

Rovinj, view of the bell tower and waterfront property.

I guess the dog couldn't read the sign.

My baby, and the view from Zlatni Rat (park) towards Rovinj.

View of Zlatni Rat.

Our trusty Chevy Matiz (official confluence point search vehicle).

Approaching Venice by boat from Croatia. One the left is the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute and on the right you can see San Marco's Campanile (bell tower).

Il Piazza di San Marco

View from the Ponte dell' Accademia

Cristine, somewhere in Venice.

More photogenic Venice.

They sure don't make them like they use to.

Gondola on water.

Il Ponte di Rialto

Need a Gondola?

Chiesa ... Salute...

The reason we don't have any more pictures of our trip is because I set the camera down in the Roman Forum and walked away. It is my belief that cameras -- left unattended -- in the Roman Forum probably only stay that way for -- on average -- one minute, and I left it sitting there for about 15 minutes. So, instead of being saddened by this event I've taken up drawing in Paint to provide everyone with an idea of what the rest of our trip was like.

Finale Lagure, Italy

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