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Turkey was unexpectedly enjoyable, it has everything; ancient Roman cities such as the lost city of Troy, beautiful Mediterranean villages next to the sea, ancient underground cities of the early Christians, great battle places of the 1st and 2nd world wars, a beautiful landscape and much more. I was only planning on going straight through to Greece, but stayed with the tour group all the way to Capadocia instead, which I'm really glad I did. The countryside is wonderful and the people as nice as any I've met. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate most of the time so the pictures didn't turn out too good, especially in Istanbul.


Istanbul is home to the Blue Mosque, considered by many as the only mosque you ever really need to see if you aren't Muslim, the Pink Mosque, and many more mosque's. Istanbul is a real crossroads in the country, seperating Asia from Europe not only geographically, but culturally as well.

The market

Here are two of Istanbul's great architectural wonders. The Egyptian obelisk was transported to this location more than 2000 years ago and is a great example of how long Istanbul has been a major economic and cultural center in the world.

Egyptian obelisk in front of Blue Mosque

This place was awesome, and located directly below the touristy section of Istanbul.

Ancient Roman cistern

The head of Medusa

Blue mosque through a fountain

Blue Mosque

Inside the Blue Mosque

Gallipoli (Galibolu)

A major center of conflict during World War I, Gallipoli was attacked by allied forces trying to take control of Istanbul, but instead of a quick decisive victory the war over this small piece of land lasted many years and cost the lives of tens of thousands of individuals from both sides. Today, Anzac day, April 25th, is set aside to commerate those that died there.

Graveyard in Gallipoli

The beach where the battle of Gallipoli occurred

Memorial to the battle of Gallipoli

Crossing over to Asia from Gallipoli

Night out in Calcutte

On the bus

Efes, Pagamon, and Troy

Efes and Pagamon are two major centers of existing Roman architecture, they give us clues about the lives of the people in the Roman empire living in Turkey, and shows just how extensive that empire was.
However, Troy is the lost city of Troy mentioned in Homer's pair of epoch books "The Illiad and The Odyssey" and was rebuilt 9 times over several thousand years.

Efes ruins

Cat at Efes

Pagamon theatre

Natskgi, Julie & Saene at Pagamon

The famous wooden horse of Troy

Efes theatre

Earliest advertisement (directions to a brothel)

Near Efes is supposed house of the Virgin Mary just after Jesus' crucifixion on the cross.

The house that the virgin Mary lived in.


Home to early Christians between the time of Christ and the time of Christianity's later adoption by the Roman's in approximately 400 AD, Capadocia is hands down one of the most interesting places I saw in Turkey. What makes this area unique are the strange land formations here and how they were used by the Christians who lived here.
Large rock formations called "ferry chimnies" dot the landscape around Capadocia, many of which were turned into ancient apartment buildings nearly 2000 years ago by those same Christians.
However, not only are there virtual apartment buildings built into the rock, the early Christians also built massive underground cities, 50m deep, and stretching for up to 0.5km in width and connected together by long underground shafts. All of this elaborate construction was used to hide from Arab invaders between 200-400 AD.

Pigeon valley

Potted tree

Capadocia Hilton


Calcium fields

Another strange Capadocian rock formation

Sheep crossing

Lara valley

This is one of the Han's, fortified silk road inn.


Mosque in Capadocia

God of fertility

One of those places they make you go when you are in a tour group.

Carpets, carpets and more carpets

However, I did learn how they spin silk, super cool.

So that's how they spin silk

Awww that's nice

Another place we went, to buy more curios, eeeegaaads!!! Someone remind about this before I go on another guided tour.


In the ruins

The tour group from left to right (Fernando, Natskgi, Saene, Julie, Meg, Rachael, Nagi)

Turkish bath, so nice!

Rising from the sarcophogus


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