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Dubai, UAE

This was a short trip, made a whole lot shorter by the prices, yikes! I wasn't prepared to be shelling out 165 US per night for a hotel room, even if it is a 5 star hotel. Anyway, I high tailed it out of there in only three days. After being in India and Nepal, UAE is unbelievably expensive. I had great difficulty in finding a room, apparently there was a holiday in Iran and since Iranians can't party in Iran they all go to Dubai, thus the lack of rooms. Fortunately I met up with a very nice guy from Egypt who helped me find the room I stayed in for the next two days. However, there were absolutely no rooms available for that night so he let me stay in his flat. What's really interesting, and flys in the face of American paranoia about Muslims, is that he lived in New York for six years illegally before being ratted out by a friend of his, taken into custody by the FBI, and then interrogated for 3 months before being deported back to Egypt with only the shirt on his back. Yet, despite all of this, he had no problem helping an American in need in Dubai.

The beach

The city

Sunset on the river

Duty free Ferrari



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